Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Our company actively participates as a Host Entrepreneur in the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” program set up by the European Commission. New entrepreneurs having the desire to learn about leadership, program/company management, project and scientific article writing/implementing, scientific consulting, programming are welcome to participate in a friendly, dynamic atmosphere at an English speaking private medical clinic.

The implementation of the program is ongoing in the culturally active city of Sfantu Gheorghe, a location with rich tradition deeply embedded in modern way of thinking. The city offers possibilities un-characteristic to Eastern Europe, having funding opportunities that are related to the targeted “catching-up strategy” towards Western Europe and young, dynamic entrepreneurs have possibilities to utilize these opportunities.  


The founders of the company having already fruitfully participated in the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” program, have a deep understanding of how to carry out a successful, bi-lateral implementation of all program requirements.